Plant Library

Annual Salvia( Salvia species )

Salvia are an excellent choice for hot, sunny conditions. They can tolerate drought better than many annual plants. The flower spikes come in a variety of forms depending on the species, but all have flowers held well above the foliage and the spikes provide a nice vertical line in the overall garden design. The tubular florets are a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds!

Ice Plant( Delosperma congesta )

Delosperma bring a long-lasting display of bright, daisy-like blooms to the most challenging of hot, dry planting sites. The fleshy, mat forming foliage sparkles in the sunlight providing a rich backdrop for the blooms and a softening effect to the harsh surroundings it thrives in.

Daisy ( Hymenoxys acaulis )

Tidy mounds of needle-leaved, silvery-green foliage add cool color and great form to hot, dry locations. Long wiry stems of yellow daisies appear from spring through autumn. A vibrant, carefree selection!

Morning Glory( Falkia repens )

This charming South African native is adaptable to a wide range of soil and light conditions. The creeping foliage forms a dense, ground-hugging mass sprinkled with pink-blushed, trumpet-shaped flowers in summer.

Marigold ( Tagetes erecta )

African Marigolds sport large blooms and sunny bright colors. Their texture is the perfect compliment to broad leaf and trailing companion plants. Removing spent blooms will assure the most prolific flowering.

Carnation ( Dianthus hybrid )

Don’t let this Dianthus' delicate appearance deceive you; this is one rugged and reliable garden performer. Kahori® displays both heat and cold tolerance to consistently provide brilliant color over a long season. The frilly, vibrant pink blooms add a rich fragrance to the garden that will delight the senses. This is a good selection for patio planters. Pot up a single plant in an attractive planter and you have the perfect gift plant to cheer a friend.

Neem Tree( Azadirachta indica )

Neem trees can reach 15–30 metres (49–98 feet) in height and have attractive rounded crowns and thick furrowed bark. The compound leaves have toothed leaflets and are typically evergreen but do drop during periods of extreme drought. The small fragrant white flowers are bisexual or staminate (male) and are borne in clusters in the axils of the leaves. The fruit is a smooth yellow-green drupe and has a sweet-flavoured pulp.

Vinca ( Catharanthus roseus )

Glossy foliage and simple, bright blooms look spectacular all summer long. A perennial in its native Madagascar, Catharanthus is popular for annual plantings and can also be used as a houseplant. Available varieties offer a choice of overall plant size and a nice selection of bloom colors.