HOW IS alkarty managing WITH THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK

What is the status of current orders?

As we are following the state-enforced orders strictly, we are currently in a state of pause. We are hoping to resume shipping soon (after lockdown is rolled back), but there will be delays. We will continue to update you as we ship orders out.

Are you still accepting orders?

Yes, we are. It is just that we will process them when the lockdown is rolled back. We request you to continue placing orders with us as by doing that you are investing in our future, and we are doing the same by continuing to support our vendors in this ecosystem.

Steps taken by us to reduce the impact of COVID-19:

We have suspended COD services to minimize contact as much as possible for everyone's safety.
We are practicing work from home to limit the spread of virus by social distancing.
When we resume processing a strict protocol is being followed in our Nursery and warehouse. Everybody is equipped with masks and sanitizers for sanitized handling of orders.

What if an order did not reach you?

Please contact us on if an order does not reach you. We will highlight the order number in our system for a refund once all operations have resumed and the order has been returned to us.
Also note that as courier partners are facing service delays due to the lockdown, orders that have been dispatched might be delayed.

We apologize for the delays caused and thank you for understanding. We will keep you up to date on all developments regarding your order and our support team will be available for your queries

 Email Us:

 Customer Care:    (+91) 888 222 0405

 WhatsApp:   (+91) 888 222 0405

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