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9 Inch Hook Hanging Pot Assorted color


9 Inch Hook Hanging Pot Assorted color

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Decorative Balcony Railing Planter Multi Color Set Of 5 Color (Available as per Availability): White, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple Unbreakable, High Quality Plastic Material Planter, Best For Garden Gift,Perfect For Small Plants
Excellent product. Self-balancing adjustable support plastic screws The quality is good though!! The Colors with the support hook are better The pots are of a good quality hard plastic. The design is perfect for window grill door grill balcony grill wall grill. They can be moved around very easily - while cleaning the Place, etc. Medium sized ones and they are the perfect size for decorating use. Each of the pots is of a different colour, adding to their aesthetic appeal. Really good for people who don't have garden. Best for balcony they do not occupy much space, easy to hang on railing and move and hold the flowers well. Easy to take them anywhere or gift to someone too. But effective for apartments.

Packing Dimensions (l : 21c.m. x b : 21c.m. x h : 16c.m. + ih : 5c.m.) 
     D. Weight: 21
Vol. Weight: 21
Inc. Vol. Weight: 21
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