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Cocopeat 4.6-5 Kg Brick


Cocopeat 4.6-5 Kg Brick

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cocopeat best medium to use for plants Converting cocopeat blocks to coir dust is easy. All you need to do is add water to the block and the block will puff up into moist fluffy cocopeat. Just add sufficient water to the block to make sufficient quantity of moist cocopeat. You can put away the unexpanded block for later use. The cocopeat block is suitable for growing all kinds of plants. It is an ideal medium for growing seeds and matured plants. It keeps the roots nourished and hydrated. The block can be mixed with any soil type. Organic Cocopeat This natural cocopeat is extracted from the fibrous outer layer of coconuts. It is an excellent medium for retaining moisture in the soil. The cocopeat block can retain up to 10 times of its weight in water. Improves Soil Texture The organic cocopeat can be used with or without soil. It improves aeration in the soil to promote faster root growth. It also loosens heavy soil and releases essential nutrients to the roots. This makes it an excellent medium for growing plants.

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