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Phlox Mixed Flowers seeds


Phlox Mixed Flowers seeds


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Phlox are quintessential garden classics relied on for generations to provide bushy clumps of fragrant colour in a wide range of mix and match shades. These flowers are also excellent for easy bouquets; just snip a half dozen big flower heads, drop them in a medium to large vase of water, add a few fern or hosta leaves for greenery and you’re done.

Learning how to plant and care for creeping phlox is quite simple. The plant has an easy going nature and thrives in a variety of conditions.

Common name(s) : Twinkle Star, Annual phlox

Flower colours : - Flowers appear in clusters in various bright and pastel shades (but not orange or blue).

Bloom time : July-August

Max reacahble height : 15 cm Spread: 30 cm

Difficulty to grow: Easy

A pack contains 20 seeds

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