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Super VermiCompost 1 KG


Super VermiCompost 1 KG

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Description For 1 Kg Vermicompost Bio-Fertilizer

Vermicompost Is An Organic Manure (Bio-Fertilizer) Produced As The Vermicast By Earth Worm Feeding On Biological Waste Material; Plant Residues. This Compost Is An Odorless, Clean, Organic Material Containing Adequate Quantities Of N, P, K And Several Micronutrients Essential For Plant Growth. By Improving The Health Of The Plant And The Quality Of The Soil, Vermicompost Provide An Optimal Environment For Any Horticultural, Agricultural, Or Garden Application. It Is Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Consumes Low Energy Input For Composting And Is A Recycled Biological Product.

Benefits of using vermicompost

The use of vermicompost plants remain lush green.
The use of vermicompost increases the immune system of plants.
Vermicompost fertilizer in plants produces quality fruit and flowers.
Vermicompost is easy to use in lawns; it keeps the lawn whole year green.
Vermicompost is easy to store and easy to use. (Store it in a shady areas where direct sunlight not coming).
Vermicompost is best fertilizer for kitchen garden terrace garden, pot/container plants.
Soil moisture storage capacity increases and increases the number of beneficial bacteria.
All minor and major element involved which plant required are available in this fertilizer.
Vermicompost can be used in:
Agriculture (organic farming) ,greenhouse,Farmhouse,Fruit orchards,Lawns,Garden plants, Pots and plants, Vegetable kitchen ,gardening,Hanging pots, Nursery plant propagation/grafting/plant production, Terrace garden,Horticulture.

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Ashish Yadav

It's of great quality. The texture is ver nice as well.
27 October, 2021