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Mustard Cake 400 grams


Mustard Cake 400 grams

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This is 100% Organic Mustard Oil Cake obtained after extracting the Mustard oil from the Mustard seeds. Mustard Oil cakes provide all the essential elements for plant growth such as nitrogen, phosphorous & potassium while restoring all the essential macro and micro-nutrients in the soil to ensure your plants grow happy and healthy. Typical NPK ratio of Mustard oil cake stands at 4-1-1. This organic mustard cake is very easy to use and enables robust plant growth and makes your plants more resistant to insects and diseases.

This is a quality mustard oil cake that provides healthy nutrients and cares for the soil. The process of adding this manure is simple and hassle-free.

The product is being supplied only for gardening purposes. Alkarty Mustard cake is the residue leftover from commercial mustard oil or meal production. Alkarty Mustard cake is widely used as a fertilizer for flowering and vegetable plants. Mustard oil cake fertilizer is very rich in protein. It provides many micronutrients to your garden plants. It also prevents many diseases and makes your garden plants very healthy. You can use the mustard oil cake fertilizer for flowering plants, vegetable plants. Please do not use the product for food purposes.

The mustard cake is obtained from mustard seeds after extracting the oil from the seeds. We convert the cake into a powder so that it can be easily mixed with the soil. Mustard cakes provide all the essential elements for plant growth such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and ensure you get the Best Quality

• Natural colour and texture

• Mustard Oil Cake is an organic and rich source of plant nutrients such as nitrogen; phosphorus and potassium(NPK)

• Natural fertilizer for your garden

• Widely used as fertilizer for gardening

• Ideally suited for all flowering plants for their growth and flowering

• This plant fertilizer also provides a natural source of NPK. It is all organic and natural.

• This is nitrogenous manure. It enables healthy conditions for the plants to absorb sufficient supply of carbonic acid from the atmosphere.

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