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Sea Weed Organic Fertilizer 200 Grams


Sea Weed Organic Fertilizer 200 Grams


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the product is forlified with seaweed extract derived from sap of red s brown algae .seaweed is being cultivated and is harvested from the indian coast and is a source of livelihood for fishermen families .seaweed extract functions as a metabolic bio enhaacer as it contains proteins ,carbohydrates inorganic salts s other inherent nutrients votamins ,plant growth hormones like auxin ,cytokinin and gibbeerellins betaines and mannitol etc ....stimulates internal growth and development processes of crops ....provides crops capacity to assimilate nutrients properly ....provides resistance against stress and diseases ...activates soil microbial population and improves soil health ....leads to better root growth ,tillering ,flowering , fruiting and seed deveopment

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