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leaf mold compost 5kg


leaf mold compost 5kg

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LEAF MOULD FERTILIZER or Patte ki Khad/ khaad is preparedafter grinding of ONLY Neem, Ashoka, Gulmohar leaves with fully decomposedhusk. Husk is used as natural covering during the composting process. No Grassclippings or food waste is used to avoid pests and insects. HOW TO USE -- Proportion - Mix 25% to 35% of Leaf Mould / Patte ki Khad withExisting Soil. Can be mixed with other Soil Amendments like Coco Peat, Perlite,Lava Rocks, Charcoal Chunks, Pumice Stones to form a homemade soil blend.Mixing ratio would depend on the desired water holding capacity, fertilizationrequirement and present condition of the plant. WHY USE LEAF MOULD FERTILIZER -- Granular, finest quality organicfertilizer. Leaf mold is essentially a soil conditioner. It increases the waterretention of soils. Leaf mold also improves soil structure and provides afantastic habitat for soil life, including earthworms and beneficial bacteria. WATER RETENTION - HIGH. Since the particle size is large (2 to 6 mm), ithelps enhancing the tilth and loosens compacted soils. Watering with a misteror light watering is required once you blend in Leaf Mould along with otherSoil Amendments. Do a water test (watering then checking when the top layerdries out) helps in maintaining different plants kept in different areas of thehouse/ terrace. WHERE TO USE - 1. Dig or till it into garden beds to improve soil structureand water retention. 2. Use as top layer for Potted Plants. 3. Succulent& Cactus Mix Ratio - 1 part Lava Grit or Coarse Silica Sand, 1 part LeafMould Manure, 1 part Mixture of Perlite, Charcoal Chunks, Castor Cake,Neem Khali (Mixed in Equal proportions) Additional Information: Brown Leaf Manure, is one of the rich versions of manure known to add useful minerals to the soil. It is mostly broadcasted as a top layer over the planting soil

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