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Kakri (Kakdi) seeds


Kakri (Kakdi) seeds


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Best Kakri seeds with highest % of germination

Kakri (Kakdi) seeds form a distinct group of species with many similarities in botany, agronomy ecological requirements and susceptibility to insect pests and diseases.
Kakri (Kakdi) seeds is also one of them. Some of them are used in the form of salad, cooked as vegetables, and preserved in the form of sweets.
It is grown mainly grown in tropical, sub tropical and milder zones of India.
Kakri (Kakdi) seeds popularly known as kakri is valued for tender fruits which are eaten raw along with salt and pepper. Due to its cooling effect this is very popular during summer months in most part of the country. If it is taken without salt, it is not easily digested. Similarly, drinking of water immediately after eating fruits cause indigestion.
It is summer season crop. It is mainly grown in the month of February to March.

Common name(s) : scintific name:-utilissimus, Duthic,fuller, Commone name:-cucurbits

Flower colours : Yellow

Bloom time : ummer feb to march

Max reacahble height : 24 ft

Difficulty to grow : Moderately easy

A pack contains 20 seeds

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