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Lady Fingers (Bhindi) Seeds


Lady Fingers (Bhindi) Seeds


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Lady finger(AKA)Bhindi is a type of green vegetable, long finger like, having a small tip at the taporing end. Its head shows a bulge, lighter green in shade, which is often removed as inedible portion. The cross section cut Lady finger shows white colored round seeds spread entirely inside the vegetable. One of the peculiar signs of this vegetable is the internal stickiness. The lady's finger may be cut in to round pieces or sliced in to 4 halfes or may be put whole in a mix vegetable sabji. The taste is very specific to the vegetable and generally liked by children.

Common name(s) : Okra, Gumbo, Ladyfinger, Bhindi. Abelmoschus esculentus (Botanical name)

Flower colours : -

Bloom time : summer

Max reacahble height : Grows more than 4 feet and can spread 3 feet wide.

Difficulty to grow : Easy to grow

A pack contains 20 seeds

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